-Real Patient Testimonies-

 I started chiropractic care out of curiosity. After about 2 months I realized that my migraines were gone. Previously I was suffering 1-2/ week. I had no idea chiropractic was effective at treating migraines. My neurologist told me he had never had the success that I was experiencing when he prescribed traditional treatments. Now, as long as I make it for treatment once a week or 2 weeks, I very rarely have a headache much less a migraine. Also, I had a hip injury that I was told would cause pain the rest of my life. Through adjustments, anytime pain starts, Dr. Kenney adjusts it and I am pain free without pills. Try it. You won't know how good you can feel until your body is back inline. Dr. Kenney listens to what is going on ( body and life ) and treats accordingly. Some other doctors felt they knew my body and did not listen when other things were going on.

-Lynn, Woodstock 2011-


 I can breath again! I can start doing the things that I thought I could never do again. I sleep better. I have not finished my care but so far my ability to do normal tasks is coming back. I would definitely recommend it. I compare it to a car, it needs to be fixed every now and then, and I would recommend starting early in life and not wait until the pain is unbearable. I'am most pleased by the adjustments, everything in general. The knowledge the Dr. has and the information he gives and how he explains it. He knows exactly what is wrong and the reasons why.

-Ester, Woodstock 2011-


 I started coming to Dr. Kenney over a year ago. I was suffering from lower back pain prior to a knee leg scope. After a series of treatments, I was able to resume all normal activities. My continued treatment has allowed me to maintain the normal lifestyle I desired. I continue to follow Dr. Kenney's suggested follow up which allows me to remain pain free and feel great. My sleep is much better and overall "I feel great". I would recommend Dr. Kenney to anyone. Dr. Kenney is a true professional and truly cares about my well-being. I will recommend him to all my friends and family.

-Jim, Marietta 2012-


          Dr. Kenney is fantastic!  My wife and I frequently visit for adjustments.  He does get you straightened out,  but also is big on doing the maintenance adjustments that keep you out of pain and discomfort! 

-James, Woodstock 2014-


 Dr. Kenney promptly responded to my inquiry about chiropractic care.I was 8 months postpartum and had terrible lower back pain. I had been doing physical therapy for a while with absolutely no results. He was able to see me on a Saturday, do x-rays, and find out the root cause for my pain. Within the first visit I started to feel better both physically and mentally knowing that I had a doctor that cared about my well being. Nobody should  have to live in pain! I have now been seeing Dr. Kenney for 4 years and feel wonderful. 

-Michele, Woodstock 2014-


 Dr. Kenney has helped me with many issues over the last 7 years. He is thorough, but also very gentle. 

-Donna, Woodstock, 2017-


 Why do I suffer for a week with pain when I know Dr Kenney will bring me relief the same day? Don’t wait, call Georgia Centers for Spinal Health and Wellness today. 

-Todd, Woodstock 2018-


 Dr.Kenney has helped me with my vertigo symptoms, he’s  amazing! 

-Christy, Woodstock 2018-


 Great chiropractor! I threw my back out in January and I went from a 10 to 2 on the pain scale after the first visit and I still drop by a few times a month for the help! 

-Lauren, Woodstock 2018-


 Dr. Kenney is knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. He explains in detail what is going on with your body. I was able to watch first hand the effectiveness of his work to help my injured husband. Being a hygienist I always knew I should be getting chiropractic maintenance and i'm sure glad I found Dr. Kenney to start this life long routine. 

-Charmaine, Woodstock 2018-


 My wife and I have seen Dr. Kenney for years and he has helped rid of us of back aches, hip problems, headaches, you name it! Just as important - he truly cares and wants nothing but better skeletal health for all his patients. He is wonderful to talk to and will give advice wherever he can to help you in your daily life. Highly suggest! 

-Jeff, Acworth 2018-


Great doctor. I pulled my back a few weeks ago to where I couldn't even lift my 5 month old son. it was a Saturday and no other officer was seeing new patients and he took time out of his weekend (anniversary at that) just to help me be able to move. he was very thorough and is working now to clean up what years of soccer has messed up. highly recommend for athletes.

-Paul, Woodstock 2018 -


 Been going for a few years and wouldn't go anywhere else.
Solved issues with rotatory cuff/shoulder rotation and weak ligaments in knee without medicine or surgery. 

Brad, Woodstock 2016

 Dr K. Is the best...he got me fixed up when I couldn't stand, sit or walk...if you are in pain...he is the man! 

Donald, Marietta 2015

 Dr. Kenney has helped both me and my wife for years and always gives the best of care! On top of that, he is a great conversationalist and is always willing to listen to what ails you and give advice on how and what to change in your daily life to alleviate the issue(s). He is great at what he does, and a great person! 

Jeff, Acworth 2018

 Dr Kenney is the very best . I am so happy to be his patient . Dr Kenney has helped me with my migraines from daily to just a few mild ones every month or two . Only have my migraine medications for emergencies only . He is helping me also with my back , neck and shoulders , and getting awesome results with that also . If you are in a financial bind he will work out a finance plan that will work for you . If you are in need for a great chiropractor , please do not hesitate and come see him . I can highly recommend him.

Sigrid, Woodstock 2018

 Dr. Kenney has been my chiropractor since 2010 and he has changed my life! I experienced severe lower back pain for years and had just accepted that was how my life would be. Dr. Kenney took time to do X-rays and learn about my issues before crafting a 12 month care plan just for me! He is wonderful at his job, and even helped ease my husbands vertigo! We love Dr. Kenney! 

Cassie, Acworth 2018

 Love visiting our fav chiropractor! Always has new ways to make us feel better.

Pam, Woodstock 2018 

 Dr. Kenney is a great chiropactor !! Highly recommend him!! Also he is very flexible and works around your schedule. Go check him out you won’t regret! 

Irina, Woodstock 2018

 Dr. Kenney is wonderful! Amazing service and very informative. The office is very family friendly as well. 

Laura, Woodstock 2015

 Dr. Kenney is very knowledgeable in chiropractic care. He is flexible with scheduling and does not rush his patients in and out. I have been going for a week now and can already feel improvements. I recommend trying out Kenney Family Chiropractic. 

Sadie, Alpharetta 2019

 Dr. Kenney is an ethical and honest man. He really just wants to make sure that his patients are receiving the proper care, even if that means exploring other treatments. He is always forthright and I know he has my best interest at heart.

Janice, Woodstock 2015

 I highly recommend Dr Kenney, he has help me with a bulging disc, only after a few visits
I was feeling better and was able to get through my normal activities.
He is very flexible with scheduling appointments.
First time I called to schedule an appointment he took me in next day. 

Evelyn, Woodstock 2018