Hundreds of 5-star reviews

7/27/2023 - Google
I am a new patient, today was my 3rd visit only with Dr. Kenney. What I can tell you is I will never go anywhere else. I have been dealing with extreme sciatic pain on my left side that has been going on for almost a year now. For the first time I am able to start finally walking without pain, sleeping better and overall better quality of life. This has changed a lot for me and I am extremely grateful to Dr. Kenney! I also appreciate that he takes the time with you to explain everything and make sure you understand everything he is going over with you. He is always willing to answer any questions I have had.
Dan Sloan
7/03/2023 - Google
Dr. Kenney's chiropractic office is truly exceptional. With expertise and care, Dr. Kenney has successfully helped me with the pains in my lower back. Their warm and welcoming atmosphere makes every visit a pleasant experience. I'm grateful for their outstanding service and highly recommend their chiropractic office for anyone seeking top-notch care and lasting relief from pain.
Sally Bray
7/03/2023 - Google
Dr. Kenney is very informative when explaining procedures he’s doing, which I need as a new patient. He is very professional, friendly and caring, making sure I’m comfortable with each process. I’m looking forward to each visit and would definitely refer him to other people. Definitely a 5-star facility and a 5-star Doctor!
Alessandra M
6/03/2023 - Google
I was feeling hopeless after my MRI results. I decided to find a chiropractor. Dr. Kenney is a very kind, caring and compassionate person. Very knowledgeable and he is with you every step in your journey to better spinal health. My husband and I are both very happy and impressed and we highly recommend anyone who is looking for a chiropractor to go see Dr Kenney.
Finny Lacender
6/03/2023 - Google
Great facilities. Had back pain for 6 months and steadily got worse until unbearable, after about a week of treatments I was already feeling nearly back to normal. Dr Kenny knows his stuff and gave me full confidence on my road to recovery.
Allison Odenthal
6/03/2023 - Google
My family and I have been going here for over 7 years. Dr. Kenney is amazing! He has helped myself and my kids with many ailments over the years. He's understanding, attentive and knowledgeable. His prices are very fair and his office is always clean. I highly recommend him.
Nevada Zak
6/03/2023 - Google
Dr. Justin is awesome! I truly feel taken care of here. He takes the time to go through the process and explain everything that will be done. I’ve been going for a week and I can already feel a HUGE relief in my lower back which is usually really bad. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that may feel skeptical about chiropractors, he really cares about his clients.
Michael Strickland
5/03/2023 - Google
Dr Kenney is a true professional. He takes his intake seriously and makes the plan of care very clear. He has relieved my hip pain almost completely in 6 visits.
Julie Reynolds
5/03/2023 - Google
Dr. Kenney was referred by a co-worker and highly recommended. After four short weeks, I have reduced pain in my elbow and no pain in my neck or lower back. Dr. Kenney is a great listener and handles each session with care. You never feel rushed. Thank you Dr. Kenney!
Julie Ashcraft
5/03/2023 - Google
I have been going to Dr. Kenny for about 15 years. He is amazing and keeps me feeling my best! Thank you 🙂
4/03/2023 - Google
Dr. Kenney takes a thorough, science based approach to your healing and wellness. Patiently hears your questions and answers them fully. Good blend of using the tools available to Chiropractors as well as just being a friendly and nice person. Would recommend!
Vandana Gandhi
4/03/2023 - Google
Dr. Kenney is wonderful! He always works me in the same day when I'm having an issue. He is knowledgeable and has given me exercises to do at home. I always leave feeling better than when I came in.
dawn futch
4/03/2023 - Google
I went to Dr Kenney after my husband started going to him and he told me how much relief he was getting with his neck pain.I had never had good experiences with chiropractors in the past I usually left in a lot more pain then I came in with!I have been very pleased with the care Dr Kenney has provided me,He uses alternative types of treatments such as decompression machines and Massaing tables.I have been going for about 3 weeks now and my pain is noticeably decreased!I highly recommend if you are in need of spinal health!
Andrea Rodriguez
3/03/2023 - Google
Dr. Kenney is great! He has been my first chiropractor and not only have I felt a lot better, but he has also discussed in detail with me the causes of my pain and what long-term effects I could see if I don’t take care of it properly. He’s very thorough and informative, which makes it easy to feel comfortable and in good hands 🙂
Caroline Goin
2/03/2023 - Google
Was miserable with back pain! Did not know what to do or where to go. Found Dr. Kenny, he called right away and fit me in!! Just three weeks in and feeling so much relief!! So happy I found his practice
Maria Rivadeneira
2/03/2023 - Google
Highly recommend Dr. Kenney! He's very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate, listens carefully to you and comes up with a personalized plan for your needs. It really helped me with my neck & back pain. His office has an awesome, relaxing ambiance too!!
Michael Franji
2/03/2023 - Google
I am so impressed with Dr. Justin. He is a very professional and thorough chiropractor. His clinical knowledge is outstanding and he is also compassionate and caring. He is motivating to help his patients achieve a level of wellness that focuses on quality of life. His office is nicely decorated, and is clean and bright. I would highly recommend him!
wes meek
2/03/2023 - Google
I highly recommend Justin. I came in with low expectations from a bad experience a few years back. I have a back injury that other doctor professionals could not fix. Only 2 visits and I am already feeling confident. Justin makes sure to hear you and puts together a plan. I am blown away at the details he goes through to get you better. The information/exercises he gives along with an app. If your looking for help this is your place. Look nowhere else.
Jamie Thomas
12/03/2022 - Google
Dr. Kenney is great! He always makes me feel comfortable and did a great job listening and explaining the healing and treatment process. The “crick in my neck”, mid back ache, and lower back pain have very much improved. I recommend seeing Dr. Kenney.
Lesia Griffin
12/03/2022 - Google
My consultation was more informative than three prior appointments about the pain that I’ve had for months. After a couple of appointments, I can already tell a difference I can’t wait to see how I feel after the completion of his plan..